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The wonders of puff pastry… turnover edition

The other half of the puff pastry recipe from when I made croissants has been burning a hole in my freezer, figuratively speaking. More than a week ago, I decided it was time to make it into puff pastry turnovers, with an apple filling. So I put the pastry in the fridge to thaw.

Then I got busy, and the dough sat in my fridge for a week, and I was afraid it would have gone bad. Thursday when I finally pulled it out, it looked okay… mostly. Maybe just the tiniest bit slimy. I tried a little trimmed off piece when I rolled it out, and it tasted okay, if not quite as fresh as before. Oh well. I wasn’t about to let it go to waste.

I had made the apple filling Wednesday night, a straightforward process of cooking apples with sugar and spices, then adding in a cornstarch slurry to thicken it. A night in the fridge didn’t seem to hurt it.

While I still haven’t mastered the process of rolling things out into even rectangles, I was able to trim the dough into (almost) 6-inch squares. Then it was just a matter of adding a small dollop of filling, and folding them over. I used a wet finger to get the dough to stick to itself.

turnover making.jpg

I was out of eggs, so again, I didn’t do an eggwash. One of these days I’ll get to that step.

They still came out looking golden-brown and delicious. Which they were. Oh, so much delicious.

The flaky, buttery crispness that was so wonderful in a croissant was further enhanced with a layer of moist filling. Slightly warm from the oven, they were a delight. Room temperature the next day, they were still lovely.

turnover collage.jpg

Two of these got brought over to the neighbors next door. I wanted to share something, plus I figured it was time to let them know that we would be moving soon. At the end of June, we’re moving halfway across the state. Then I’ll have family nearby to share baked goods with.

I think there are a few more recipes with puff pastry–and several with variations on the traditional pâte feuilletée–which I am looking forward to. Ah, crispy, butter-flavored foods… you are the stuff of dreams.


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