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Chewy cornmeal waffles

The actual title of this recipe is “crunchy cornmeal waffles,” but I found that, with my waffle iron at least, they did not crunch. They did have a pleasant spongy chewiness, absorbing a lot of syrup and butter, but crunchy they were not.

I made the sweet version of this recipe simply because I didn’t have all the ingredients for the chili con queso. It didn’t start off that well–I used powdered buttermilk, and Iowa humidity turned the powder near-solid in its tub, so I had to scrape out the appropriate amount, and it didn’t dissolve completely so I had liquid with little buttermilk-flavored chucks floating on top. Lovely.

Batter before mixing dry and wet ingredients, and after. It is meant to be mixed quickly, and so follows the muffin method.

Upon mixing in the other ingredients, though, it seemed to even out, and if there were any buttermilk chunks left they got to soften while the batter sat and the iron heated up.

Waffles appear to be cooked after about four minutes on near-max heat in my little iron, but they don’t usually turn crisp. I don’t know if that’s a fault of waffle recipes these days, or my iron. I’m of the opinion that if you don’t like crisp waffles, you should just make pancakes. At least you can make those three or four at a time in a decent-sized pan.

I did not get my crisp/crunchy treat, but I did get my breakfast-for-dinner fix. The cornmeal added a nice, toothsome texture. I think the texture would lend itself well to the savory version, and will try it at some point if I can convince Husband to give it a go. (He likes his waffles nice and syrupy, usually.)

I made a mini snack waffle with the last dregs of the batter. The recipe says it makes ten eight-inch waffles, but I ended up with about six. Perhaps I use too much batter?

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