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Daily dose of Jesus

My sophomore year of high school, I decided I would read my Bible every day. I don’t remember being prompted from any sort of spiritual conviction. Mostly, I just noticed my Bible had a daily reading calendar in the front and I kind of took it as a challenge. The calendar had readings in Genesis… Continue reading Daily dose of Jesus

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Making dishes

Growing up, washing dishes wasn’t a big part of my life. My mom did the dishes at least as often as any of us kids, and with four of us, dish duty didn’t hit me all that often. Then I went to college, where I had a meal plan and I only had to put… Continue reading Making dishes


Starting out

Hi. I’m Kacey. I like to make things, whether they’re stories, cookies, memories, or works of art. I got married shortly after graduating from college, and due to the miraculous mercy of God, I got a job doing what I got a degree in: writing. I’m the editor and local news writer for a small… Continue reading Starting out