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On the relatability of King Saul

When reading historical sections of the Old Testament, one of the thoughts that frequently crosses my mind is Wow, Israel, that was stupid. Over and over again, despite repeated words of warning, despite circumstances proving God’s provision, despite extremely real, tangible expressions of God’s actual, physical presence and power, the people screw up, doubt, lie,… Continue reading On the relatability of King Saul

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Recipe: apple tasties

I have a very patient husband who’s happy to let me make a mess of our kitchen (which is about one third of our little studio apartment) in pursuit of culinary discovery. I like to try new recipes, but mostly I make things up or approximate things based on what I have on hand. As… Continue reading Recipe: apple tasties

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Why I love children’s books

During my senior year of college, I started reading the Harry Potter series aloud to my then-fiance. We would read on breaks and over the phone, and we finished the series when we were newly married. We still read aloud to each other when we’re driving somewhere. I dragged the poor fellow through Pride and… Continue reading Why I love children’s books

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Wet spring and an herbs update

Last summer, I was unemployed and had just moved to a small town I knew nothing about. I started running for something to do. It really became satisfying to go out for a run, though I was (and still am) pretty slow. Then I got a job, and then it started to get colder. I… Continue reading Wet spring and an herbs update

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Herb garden, day 6: sprouts!

Just on time, the first basil sprout has poked up its little citron head. Seeing it this morning has kept me in a good mood all day! I’ve also had one unexpected sprout. According to the seed packet, thyme isn’t supposed to germinate for another 14-24 days, but somehow, there’s a baby plant in the… Continue reading Herb garden, day 6: sprouts!

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Indoor herb garden

During college, I collected a few houseplants to help fill the void caused by not being allowed pets. Now, living in a small, no-pets apartment with my husband, I’ve collected a few more. Then there’s the issue of not having an outdoor space for a garden. My solution? Attempt to grow herbs indoors. I wasn’t… Continue reading Indoor herb garden

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I wrote a query letter today

The agent for one of my favorite authors recently announced that he was taking queries. My brother alerted me to this development, which I was glad for because I haven’t really been in book mode for months. I panicked a while ago because I thought I lost all my drafts for my current novel before… Continue reading I wrote a query letter today