This Week's Adventure

Cracker… biscuit… cookie… things

Last week, I made some interesting little wafers which were tasty, but didn’t turn out quite like they were supposed to. I thought KAF’s rich crackers would taste kind of like Ritz crackers. I can happily eat an entire sleeve of those in one sitting–it’s the crispy butter effect–so I was very much looking forward… Continue reading Cracker… biscuit… cookie… things


This Week's Adventure

Cheddar rose-meh-ry bread

Last week, I made the first recipe in the Baker’s Companion that I didn’t particularly like. It wasn’t bad; it just didn’t tickle my fancy. Most everything else I’ve made so far, even things that didn’t turn out quite right, I would happily make and eat again. This? I might have to make some changes… Continue reading Cheddar rose-meh-ry bread

This Week's Adventure

The problem with pitas

I’m finding that I’m rapidly running out of recipes that can be made at a moment’s notice. Many of the recipes in TBC require some forethought, whether for getting certain ingredients, figuring out where to borrow special equipment (pudding molds for steamed bread???), or planning for a certain amount of down time. So when Husband… Continue reading The problem with pitas