This Week's Adventure

Uber crackers

“When you said mega-crackers, I didn’t realize they were going to be that big.”

Husband’s comment was directed toward the eight-inch speckled round of dough I was flattening on the counter.

“This is how big it says they’re supposed to be.”

Eight to nine-inch rounds. Things that are supposed to be round don’t always turn out that way in my kitchen, but the size was about right when I tried out KAF’s “crisp seeded mega-crackers.” I think Husband might be right–these are not merely mega-crackers. They’re uber-crackers.

And they’re pretty easy to make.

Adding in the seeds, and Husband helping mix.

I started by toasting sesame seeds, which turned them from milky white to light gold, a pleasant transformation to watch. I also had poppy seeds and chia seeds, just a little of each, not quite enough to make the recommended 2/3 of a cup, but close. Other flavorings include a teaspoon of black pepper.

These get whisked into the flour and baking soda, and then some olive oil and water are added. Then a knead or two, and your dough just needs a rest before being rolled out.

The dough was fairly sticky, and I was afraid things were going to go poorly when I peeled my not-rounds off the counter and they shrank and wrinkled a bit. I was able to stretch them out to plop on the hot pan in the oven. The first one scrunched up, further ruining the round shape.

cracker collage
Look at those pretty speckles. On the bottom left you can see the first one which scrunched, and Husband happily ate.

But most everything else went well. They ended up dark gold around the edges, quite crisp there and around the occasional large air bubble that formed. The rest was crunchy, perhaps a touch chewy if a spot was too thick, but not unpleasantly so. I love me some black pepper, and I think this was the perfect application for it. I ate some of these for supper piled with deli turkey and cheese. They kept well until the next day, which is how long they lasted between Husband and me.

The size is a fun novelty, but makes one or two a valid component of a meal. One is also a very nice snack with your beverage of choice (usually milk in our household). They’re also less fussy to make than some crackers, with just a bit of rolling–no cutting, docking, brushing with anything.

Just crisp. Seeded. Uber-crackers.



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