This Week's Adventure

My favorite flatbread

Last Wednesday night I wanted something quick and fun for dinner. Soft wrap bread sandwiches were what I picked.

I had actually made this recipe two or three times before, having come across it on the KAF website before starting this project. Therefore, the procedure was familiar to me, but I still haven’t mastered them.

The recipe starts with the interesting step of pouring boiling water over a portion of your flour, mixing it, and letting it rest. Apparently, this pre-cooks some of your flour, which is supposed to contribute to a tender final product, preventing it from getting hard like a cracker. It seems to work, because my leftovers of these have always been good.

Mixing the flour and boiling water.

The first time I made these, I was a little confused by the instructions. You’re supposed to stir the boiling-water-flour mixture until “smooth,” but you end up with sort of a pillowy, lumpy mass. When I commented on the recipe to ask, a KAF staff member replied and just said it was supposed to be evenly mixed. So, pillowy lumps is okay.

After the 30-minute rest, you add the rest of the ingredients and knead. Potato flour or potato flakes are one of the ingredients, again, to keep things tender. I’ve always made these with potato flakes, since those are more readily available for me. I find that once I mix everything together, the dough starts a bit dry,  but once you knead for a bit on an oiled surface the dough smooths out.

The dough does have an hour rise plus a rest on the end. I usually forget that when I start the recipe, so I rush the rest at the end so I can eat. With how long it takes to roll them out and cook, the last few get close to a 20-minute rest before being cooked, anyway.

But, actually allowing time to make the recipe as instructed would be a good thing to remember next time. Also, I need to finish up my jar of active dry yeast so I can just get the instant stuff. Before, I resisted using instant, because I thought it was somehow inferior. In reality, the granules are just smaller, and there’s not a discernible difference in the final product.

Flatbread collage.jpg
Clockwise from top right, kneading, rolling, and dry-frying. I can never get these things to turn out round.

I also need to get a better feel for the right temperature of the pan when toasting these. The wraps are supposed to take a minute or two on each side, until they’re a bit puffy and have spots of dark brown on them. Some of these turned out nicely this time, and some did not.

nummy flatbread.jpg

However, these are some seriously tasty wraps. They’ve got a more full, bread-y taste than tortillas, and I like the soft fluffy texture. These have been good with any filling I’ve tried so far. This week, it was chicken, bacon, tomato and spinach.

Definitely give these a try if you like wraps or flatbread.


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