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Biscuits are better than Triscuits

I built supper Friday night around KAF’s cheddar and black pepper biscuits. Cheese is my all-time favorite food, so putting it in baked goods is always going to be a winner for me, but these biscuits worked especially well with pork chops and peas.

I’ve made various biscuit recipes, several of them with buttermilk (which I’m quickly beginning to regard with awe as a delicious wonder-ingredient). This recipe says you can use either buttermilk or plain yogurt. I happened to have both, but tried the yogurt to see how it would go.

biscuit collage.jpg
Top right: dry ingredients whisked together and ready to be sifted into the bowl. Left, butter and cheese being cut into the dry ingredients. Bottom right, sticky slab o’dough after having what may have been too much buttermilk added.

So to the flour-cheese-butter-seasoning mixture I plopped in the specified amount of yogurt. Mine was packaged and pretty thick, so I started to be worried it wouldn’t be enough liquid to hold the dough together. It wasn’t, so I added in buttermilk until everything was moistened. After a little working, the dough got to a very sticky consistency, but basically felt right. I did wonder if I might have thrown off the leavening by adding too much of the acidic ingredients.

Aside from the stickiness, which resulted in very doughy hands, things worked pretty much as they were supposed to. The dough held into a rectangle well enough to be scooped onto a sheet pan and sliced nicely into square biscuits.

Biscuit side by side.jpg

They tasted and smelled beautiful. They didn’t rise super well, which I’m not sure to attribute to the leavening, being over-worked, or needing to be sliced with something more sharp. Or maybe they’re just flat little biscuits. In any case, they were good. They had a nice crisp, cheesy crust on the bottom, and just under two teaspoons seemed the right amount of black pepper. Husband gave these a big thumbs up.


They’re not as good left over at room temperature, so I’d suggest toasting in the oven or toaster oven to get that crust back. This also makes a big batch. I’d also suggest making these with a big pot of tomato soup and a salad for guests.


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