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Carrot soup and Italian dumplings

In the face of our third snow storm this month (hello, Iowa spring!), I decided what I needed was soup. I’ve got kind of a thing for soup, and I like trying new recipes. Last night I made this carrot-ginger soup (with some variations for what I had on hand).

I also tried something else I’d never made before, soup dumplings. I used the Italian dumpling recipe in The Baker’s Companion, which is basically bread crumbs and flavorings held together with egg, then simmered in the soup.

I had some bread chunks left over from a store-bought Italian loaf I turned into a big egg boat (pretty tasty), and knowing I would need bread crumbs for a recipe or two in TBC, I saved them in a bag in the freezer. I’ve never used fresh bread crumbs in a recipe before, just panko for breading every once in a while, so it felt kind of weird to be putting ripped-up hunks of bread in the freezer. It was also weird to chop them up in the blender, but it did a pretty good job of turning chunks to crumbs.

When chopping, the blender turned the crumbs into a little mini-snowstorm, like the one outside. Hence the bathrobe.

These dumplings are supposed to go with a broth-based soup. And while chicken broth is the main liquid component of the soup recipe above, the soup gets pureed, so it’s thick. Probably not optimal dumpling-simmering liquid. It did work, but the dumplings turned into funny orange blobs. I thought they were quite tasty, though.

I deviated from the dumpling recipe by using rosemary instead of parsley, because bunnies got to my parsley and I’ve only managed to keep my rosemary alive over the winter. However, I think it worked very nicely with the lemon zest in the dumplings. And while lemony, I think they were a nice savory addition to the sweet carrot soup.

dumpling collage.jpg
Bottom, dumpling mixture ready to be formed into balls and dropped in the soup. Top, bowls of soup with the not-terribly-impressive-looking, but still tasty, dumplings.

Husband tends to like plainer food than I do, but he still finished his bowl.

“I will say I like a lemon tang in baked goods. I’m not sold on it in vegetable soup combinations,” Husband said when I asked for feedback. “Possibly worth trying again at some point.”

But if you like a hint of lemon on savory dishes, I’d say definitely give them a try.


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