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Feeling French: clafouti

Despite the fancy name, The Baker’s Companion‘s pear-ginger clafouti made a very simple (and delicious) Thursday night supper.

Though I’ve never made clafouti before, this blueberry Dutch baby recipe is a favorite with similar ingredient proportions.

The base clafouti was very nearly the same as KAF’s recipe here, but the fruit used was pears, plus some dried cranberries. The batter was similar in thickness to pancakes, but richer and eggier. It’s also a lot less flour, so quick mixing isn’t important. In fact, you’re supposed to gradually beat in the liquid ingredients. Then it’s poured over the fruit in the pan and baked.

Fruit, pre-batter.

The creamy texture and flavor of the clafouti combined with the pears, plus the surprisingly subtle taste of the fresh ginger, was wonderful–so much so, in fact, that Husband said this was “really good.” (He doesn’t get as emotional about food as I do.)

The only bad news is I’m starting to suspect my oven lies to me about the temperature. Recently, I’ve noticed recipes taking longer to bake than the recommended time. This clafouti didn’t reach golden brown with an extra five minutes, even though the crust was set. I suppose I need to get an oven thermometer to check.

Very tasty, though the slices were hard to get out of the pan whole.

There are two other clafouti recipes in The Baker’s Companion: peach or apricot, and cherry, the most traditional version. I can’t wait until we start getting summer fruit to test them out.


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