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Wet spring and an herbs update

Last summer, I was unemployed and had just moved to a small town I knew nothing about. I started running for something to do. It really became satisfying to go out for a run, though I was (and still am) pretty slow. Then I got a job, and then it started to get colder. I… Continue reading Wet spring and an herbs update

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Food for thought

Though I grew up in the church, spirituality doesn’t come naturally to me. I suck at “feeling” the presence of God, and I have a hard time figuring out what being in a relationship with Jesus is supposed to be like. (“Rely on Jesus”? Should that mean more than hoping/praying really hard that he’ll help… Continue reading Food for thought

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Daily dose of Jesus

My sophomore year of high school, I decided I would read my Bible every day. I don’t remember being prompted from any sort of spiritual conviction. Mostly, I just noticed my Bible had a daily reading calendar in the front and I kind of took it as a challenge. The calendar had readings in Genesis… Continue reading Daily dose of Jesus