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Recipe: apple tasties

I have a very patient husband who’s happy to let me make a mess of our kitchen (which is about one third of our little studio apartment) in pursuit of culinary discovery. I like to try new recipes, but mostly I make things up or approximate things based on what I have on hand. As… Continue reading Recipe: apple tasties

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Wet spring and an herbs update

Last summer, I was unemployed and had just moved to a small town I knew nothing about. I started running for something to do. It really became satisfying to go out for a run, though I was (and still am) pretty slow. Then I got a job, and then it started to get colder. I… Continue reading Wet spring and an herbs update

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Herb garden, day 6: sprouts!

Just on time, the first basil sprout has poked up its little citron head. Seeing it this morning has kept me in a good mood all day! I’ve also had one unexpected sprout. According to the seed packet, thyme isn’t supposed to germinate for another 14-24 days, but somehow, there’s a baby plant in the… Continue reading Herb garden, day 6: sprouts!

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Indoor herb garden

During college, I collected a few houseplants to help fill the void caused by not being allowed pets. Now, living in a small, no-pets apartment with my husband, I’ve collected a few more. Then there’s the issue of not having an outdoor space for a garden. My solution? Attempt to grow herbs indoors. I wasn’t… Continue reading Indoor herb garden

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Food for thought

Though I grew up in the church, spirituality doesn’t come naturally to me. I suck at “feeling” the presence of God, and I have a hard time figuring out what being in a relationship with Jesus is supposed to be like. (“Rely on Jesus”? Should that mean more than hoping/praying really hard that he’ll help… Continue reading Food for thought

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The soup

I don’t get hangry, necessarily, but when I’m hungry for more than a few minutes, my mind gets a little… fixed. I have been known to break out into spontaneous song about how much I want food. In this determined state of mind, almost anything will do, but if I have a weakness (aside from… Continue reading The soup